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EHR Interfaces are stuck in 2002 w/Dr. Gregory Still

Nov 9, 2018

Dr. Gregory Still is a Podiatrist with specialized training and expertise in peripheral nerve injuries and pathology! In this brand new Doctor Session Dr. Still dissects his thoughts on a series of topics surrounding his profession.

How Dr. Amisha Singh DDS is moving Dentistry Forward

Nov 9, 2018

In this Doctor Session, Dr. Amisha Singh speaks on managing your mental health as a doctor, details of her new dental practice, and women empowerment! This year Dr. Singh was recognized by the ADA as one of the top dentists.

Passion to help patients with Michelle Gravalos, NP

Nov 8, 2018

Michelle Gravalos is a Nurse Practitioner at Iora Primary Care. During this episode, Michelle shares how she and her team deliver great patient experiences! (We apologize for distorted audio throughout episode)

A plan for greatness with Dr. Anthony Valenti DPM

Nov 9, 2018

Highly skilled in wound care and specializing in podiatry, orthotics, and sports medicine - Dr. Anthony "Nino" Valenti delivers outstanding care to his community. In this Dr. Session, Dr. Valenti tells all.

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