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Fluent+ is a high-context engagement platform for primary care that unlocks the trust and communication required for creating and maintaining the most meaningful relationship with every human on your panel. Belmar Health's proprietary engagement design, AI, and machine learning combined with our deep domain expertise in the functions of primary care inform and support your decisions. Fluent+ is creating new possibilities for care delivery, yielding better outcomes with the help of highly contextual information, resulting in less exhaustive work for providers and positive reimbursement impact across fee-for-service, full-risk value-based, direct, and concierge models. With Fluent+, the high-context approach to engagement, we thought of everything that will conform to your way of practicing medicine, so that you can focus on patients—and building a world-class primary care practice with the asset of meaningful relationships.
The only high-context engagement solution that surfaces insights and creates more time for high-value effort 
Engagement : Tech


Fill in the right appointments and swiftly manage cancellations with notably less human effort, powerful-condition based rules put you in charge of your time because they respect your clinical workflow and administrative design to help you maximize your time spent on high-value effort. 


Remove health information gaps—combine Belmar's high-context information collection with your analysis to catch potentially life-threatening conditions earlier, build deeper relationships, and waste fewer resources by beginning each encounter with the most accurate and complete information.


One-on-one, cohort, and population-wide manual and automated provider-patient communication for AWVs to CHF intervention and everything in between. We reimagined and rebuilt SMS infrastructure with a unique ability to support every function of communication that fits into your administrative and clinical needs—all while fostering a meaningful relationship. 

Video Visit

The modern way for PCPs to meet patients virtually—no app required to download and 1-click to join. Yield efficacy found in face-to-face care provision with functional options like screen sharing to view information such as pleural irregularities from recent lung imaging, while actively pulling key information from audio to assist documentation or reference in the future. Unique video fatigue-reducing circular format is optional.


Enable a home domain for all patient care, presented in a realistically consumable format that only requires action when completely necessary—actions that strictly inform and support your decision-making. Patients access a unique link, no sign-up is required, and information is presented in high-context chronological order of relevance to their care plan. 

Technology creates complexity if adoption is fragmented—agonizing over the finest of detail to eliminate this possibility is to be expected. 
And we did just that, for you.
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9 out of 10 patients choose Fluent+ engagement for developing a higher adherence to their PCPs guidance1
This study and a nearly identical provider oriented variation can be used to validate the efficacy and impact of Fluent+ at your practice
The most advanced technology still requires a framework of brilliant, experienced, people, behind it—and so does your practice
Augment : Research Service
Augment is a continuous research and analysis service that evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of your engagement strategy. Conducting engagement analysis in an ongoing fashion can be a valuable step toward making strategic decisions; however, engagement analysis is most useful when paired with insights from additional components of care delivery, such as intervention, getting paid, and outcomes research data unique to your variated panels.
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1. Fluent+ Engagement validation study - Belmar Health LLC, Fall 2021
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