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The backend for all
patient engagement
Fluent is an autoregressive clinical coordination model that uses deep learning to surface potentially life-threatening conditions earlier by identifying and preventing parameters of deferred care. Powered by our proprietary data from care encounters both in-person and virtual across diverse settings.
+ data points per individual
Built on concepts of negation, temporality, and ontology to structure and index data with incredible precision.
standard descriptors for product and service ecosystem interoperability
Rare diseases can improve in quality of care with parameter functions from Fluent
The building blocks of Belmar Health's technology for populations, cohorts, and individual patients
Deep domain expertise in deferred care and coordination combined with the latest high-context technology, AI, and machine learning for the most realistic use cases.
Diverse and unique data sources which include specialty-specific and condition-specific care encounters—to detect individuals at risk from deferred care or coordination error invisible to the human eye. 
Dynamic focus on areas with the most deferred care, such as individuals requiring routine cancer screening, experiencing adverse cardiovascular events, managing hypertension, and COVID-19 related deferment. 
Use Case
Enabling the future of patient engagement for primary care with Belmar Health's high-context technology
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