Health conditions don't have business hours. We help you communicate with patients 24/7 365 on platforms they use every day.
What is Engagement?
A good friend is always there for you, regardless of the time. Creating various 24/7 channels open to patients for voicing concerns, complimenting your care, and creating appointments provide peace of mind.
Why is it important?
Proper follow-up engagement reduces no-show and cancellations. Our engagement methods are always built to be simple, to inform patients, and subdue patient leakage with minimal human interaction.
How do we do it?
There isn't much complexity to that statement. Meaningful engagement can be replying to a review or even notifications after appointment creation. Each done with SMS/Emai/Push - and some humans.

Engagement and great communication is something every patient needs, yet providers don't always give.

Belmar Health empathizes with providers on struggles they face around engagement and patient communication. With that said we create and deliver practical solutions to solve this problem.
01 A Fundamental Piece to Patient Growth
In the most basic account, Engagement allows patients to interact with your care on platforms they use every day to perform meaningful actions. It is a fundamental piece to patient growth and higher retention rates.
02 An Engagement Plan That Molds To Your Patients Needs
When carried out correctly, your Engagement strategy will evolve into a dependance for both your staff and patients. Dependence in the healthiest way imaginable. Every detail that fits into Engagement is unique to your services.

Can we help you get more patients?

New patients are the bottom line to increasing your revenue, we help get you there.
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