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Diversity & Inclusion: Everywhere

Belmar Health exists to innovate experience, engagement, and functions of primary care around operations and care delivery. Notable research shows that there is a strong link between innovation and diversity and inclusion.

We are dedicated to investing in changes that foster a culture of psychological safety, inclusivity first mindset, and trust through every angle of our companies output. Progress happens when change becomes embedded in our everyday decisions as humans.

Belmar Health is actively deploying resources and programs impacting:

All races
All religions
All countries of origin
All sexual orientations
All genders
All ethnicities
All abilities

Belmar Health's work in Diversity & Inclusion focuses on three key areas:
Our Partner Practices
Impacting their providers, staff, patients, and stakeholders
Patients Everywhere
Work with the Government to advance policy, impacting millions
Belmar Health's Employees
Foster trusted, safe spaces for underrepresented groups and allies to do our best work

Featured partnership

Lean In, founded by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, helps women achieve their ambitions and work to create an equal world.

Belmar Health Leans In to help their mission by hosting our own Circle amongst employees and encourage our partner practices to do the same.
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1801 California Street, Suite 2400
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