Belmar Health is a place where "Patient First"​ mentality is mandatory.


The Greatest Partnership in Healthcare

We partner with the biggest organizations and communities that surround your specialty. Doing so allows us to understand your needs better than anyone else.

Our growing number of partnerships with some of the biggest communities surrounding the healthcare industry brings us closer to our ongoing mission of providing the best patient experiences possible.

Whether we are partnering with a Doctor, organization, or a hospital our process is highly selective to ensure authenticity. If you’re interested in a partnership with Belmar Health email us.

Pricing Packages? Nope, meet Stack.

After our initial analysis is performed we create a tailored growth plan called a Stack. Which can include any of our six core services and their sub categories.

HIPPA Training from the start

No matter their position at Belmar Health every employee signs a BA agreement and is trained in HIPPA Compliance before starting any work.


How We Ensure HIPPA and HI-TECH Compliance

Occasionally we have to work closely with websites, applications, and other materials that contain PHI. Extensive steps are taken to protect it.