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About this Job

Belmar Health is a healthcare marketing agency, founded in 2018. We create better patient experiences for our partner practices, hospitals, and health systems.

One way we do this is by educating prospective patients through content.
Enter you.

Who we’re looking for
We’re looking for someone who knows written content creation. You would be in charge of writing new informative articles every week around healthcare specialties. Each article is written for a different audience and you should cater to their persona when writing. We are absolutely open to training around areas you're not super familiar with.

You're a writer, and developing accurate information material on health conditions may not be your strong suit unless you're an MD. Each piece of content will have a subject curated by one of our in-house medical advisors and creative director. You will have access to specified Doctors and medical advisors via Belmar Health's Slack channel for quality assurance.

You’re a storyteller, grammar enthusiast, and can easily work with a team. Since you won’t know the in-outs to every topic, you have the advantage of working side-by-side with a Doctor to consult on topics.

Your Responsibilities
  • Brainstorm topics, based on the type of Doctor account you’re working on
  • Discuss topics you created and were given with our Director
  • Draft the article
  • Find Image to use for the article, or request visuals from our creative team
  • Publish proof-read and information accurate article
Apps & Tools you will use
  • Google Docs (Drafting and article history)
  • Wordpress (Publishing and hosting the blog)
  • Asana (Task management)
  • Slack (Team Communication)
Additional Job Information
  • Can be done remotely, we have team meetings once a week where attendance is required
  • You will be given a email
  • Upon starting, we ask that you include your new position with us on LinkedIn
We’re looking forward to having you join our growing team and explore more opportunities with Belmar Health ❤️



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About Belmar Health

At Belmar Health we partner with private medical practices, hospitals, and health systems.

We believe "Patient First" mentality is mandatory. Our agency creates care-specific content and builds creative healthcare campaigns that touch peoples emotions. It's our consistency in distributing content that gives us insight into what will generate positive results for our partners.

We want patients to view our partners as Fun, Hip, Knowledgeable, Cool, Kind, Welcoming, and everything else positive that ordain their scheduling habits.

Outside of building a brand for medical practices or hospitals the Belmar Health team places educating our partners at the top of the to-do list.



Wheat Ridge, CO (Remote working okay)



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