The Pivot Into Recovery

June 10, 2020
Joseph Lucero
There have been many changes since the beginning of the Corona Virus crisis. I'm grateful to say that our team and partners across primary care and specialty medicine are adapting as the whole world emerges into recovery.

One analogy I like is observing the recovery phase of Coronavirus as a dial, while things like economic activity return, we will have to keep adjusting the dial. In other words; Pivot

A major value proposition for Belmar Health has always been our ability to pivot and help our practice partners under any conditions. It’s that pivot-mentality that guided us to transition 50,000 patients for a single practice to full-scale Telehealth alongside a provider facing interface built on top of their electronic health record API in less than 48 hours. 

Our cloud engineers, developers, and health-policy specialists led the way. This is a division of talent at Belmar Health that makes our shared-mission easier, and that mission is to help our partners grow their practices in tandem with great patient experience. 

Yes, from a technical standpoint we implemented Telehealth and bridged an API connection to the provider's electronic health record. But the significance is in the output; Our team enabled a population of people to communicate with the providers they know and need from the safety of their home. 

The Status of Belmar Health

At the end of the day, practices hire Belmar Health to get more patients. 

To do this and make it sustainable we have learned that; 

  • We must deeply involve physicians and admin staff in the process
  • Responsible growth will not happen without addressing the Social Determinants of Health for patients 
  • Growing a patient population, responsibly, is more than marketing 

The last point is particularly important to me. It’s something our team has led with since day one and we had plans to augment that idea this year across the United States. 

Many practices and providers intended this year playing out differently. I intended for it to play out differently. Right now our team must help our new and existing partners under current conditions. 

We will be taking the remainder of this year to concentrate energy toward helping our partners pivot their growth strategies in accommodation to changes from COVID-19 and what’s to come after this is all over. Internally at Belmar Health, we will temporarily discontinue some initiatives that would distract from this year's new concentration. 

During this time I will be active on LinkedIn where I share updates and case studies that our team is working on. I can also be reached by email, where I respond promptly: 

Belmar Health's intention will continue to be helping practices redefine and reorient their growth strategies in the best interest of patients. 

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Written by
Joseph Lucero
Founder and Director at Belmar Health