Multiple ways brand image earns you new primary care patients

January 16, 2020
Madeleine Barbera
A brand image is the way your practice is perceived by members of the community, whether they are current or prospective patients.

Today, branding is a part of every business, even a medical practice. Your brand is your corporate image and it is how people recognize your practice and the quality of service you provide. Your brand image also dictates how people feel about your practice. A good brand image helps to create longevity for your practice because your image follows you across social media and advertising platforms. A strong brand image is essential to the perception of your service and therefore the success of your practice. 

Why do your patients care about your brand?

Patients care about your brand as a primary care provider because they want to be able to trust your office with the lives of their family. When people trust a brand, they become loyal to that brand and continue to purchase their products or service. Think about toothpaste: if your are a Crest person, you will buy Crest over and over again, and you would never even think about buying Colgate instead. Your patients enjoy being proud of a brand and want to continue to be loyal. The reputation that follows your practice through your brand is what is going to continue to bring your patients back. 

Building a brand and brand image as a primary care provider isn’t as hard as you think. It’s not necessary to hire a fleet of overpaid consultants and PR teams. The first step, and the most important step, is to create a name and a logo. This name and logo will be the first thing your patients see and remember when thinking about your office and doctors. So, be wise when creating these. The next step is to use the name and logo on your forms, business cards, appointment cards, emails, and scrubs. Help patients remember your brand and let it serva as a reminder of the quality of your services. 

How does brand image grow your practice's revenue?

As we mentioned above, the key advantage to brand image is longevity. You want a brand image so recognizable and sustainable that it follows your practice over time and across platforms. In terms of revenue, longevity means continuous income and loyal patients. The more trust patients have in your brand, the more likely they are to continue visiting and to recommend it to friends and family. 

Brand image can also increase revenue through the simple fact that potential clients are attracted to well branded businesses. When there is a degree of quality and true kindness behind your practice, patients will associate you with a higher level of respect. So, they will choose you over your competitors and revenue will follow. 

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Written by
Madeleine Barbera
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