Learn how 24-45 year-olds choose a new doctor

January 18, 2020
Madeleine Barbera
24-45 year-old patients across your community are finding themselves increasingly spoiled for choice when it comes to finding medical care, be it general healthcare, dentistry, or otherwise. With this, the digital world has given them more ways than ever to find, compare, and choose between these options. You owe it to yourself as a practice owner and doctor to know how to be their first option every time.

Prospective patients rely on brand discovery, now more than ever 

Traditional brand discovery meant getting your practice seen in the outside world – your street signage, television and radio adverts, Yellow Paper listings, etc.

In 2020, these tactics still play a role in brand discovery. However, the most important place to be seen is online. This means more than just popping up in Google search results or paying for advertising listings; it means being present on social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and anywhere else that might be relevant to your target market.

Consistently posting content to these platforms is the best way to stay fresh in people’s minds and generate insight into what prospective patients are and aren’t engaging with. Social media posting also allows you to generate content that creates your brand image, which is the way patients see your practice. Content is a great way to be in control of the image of your practice. 

They rely on accessibility

Supposing your prospective patient has found you – how easy is it for them to get to you?

When someone lands on your website, how easy is it for them to find information they need? Your services, your location, your operating hours, but most importantly, how to book an appointment. All of these need to be easily accessible from whatever landing page you direct people to from your marketing efforts.

A patient doesn’t see excuses

Your modern patient expects anyone they do any sort of business with – be it buying clothing or seeking medical care – to be accessible, easily visible online, and approachable.

Patients don’t care if you avoid social media because you don’t understand it or have an outdated website because you like the design you had made in 2005. When they see medical practices and practitioners who haven’t kept up with the times, they’re less likely to be inclined to engage. It reflects poorly on the practice and makes the patient feel like the service and care they offer might also be out of date, so they will pass over you and continue their search.

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Written by
Madeleine Barbera
Content Lead