Announcing our new Spotify Playlist: The Weekly Practice

January 29, 2020
Joseph Lucero
A new resource from Belmar Health: A modern playlist for medical practice waiting rooms

I'm happy to announce a new resource from Belmar Health; The Weekly Practice

A modern playlist for your practices waiting room, curated by our team and updated every Monday.

All the songs on our new playlist will have clean lyrics, making it suitable for your pediatric listeners. The genres will vary but the ultimate "mood" of the playlist is relaxed

" listening to music seems to be able to change brain functioning to the same extent as medication. "

- Stanford Researchers: Source

Their finding was that nearly anyone can access music, therefore making it an amazing source of stress reduction. That's the goal of this playlist - to put your patients at ease for whatever lies ahead of them. 

You don't need Spotify premium to listen to the playlist at your practice, access the playlist here

You can play the music through a laptop, TV, Bluetooth speaker or any smart device that has the Spotify app. 

I hope you and your patients enjoy it! Feedback on genre, songs and additional playlists in the future is welcome. 

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Written by
Joseph Lucero
Founder and Director at Belmar Health