This Month

How to scale your 65 and older patient segment growth
5 Mins
Authoritative, actionable strategies for primary care providers and specialists offering geriatric medicine to get more patients that are 65 and older. 
Announcing our new Spotify Playlist: The Weekly Practice
2 Min
A new resource from Belmar Health: A modern playlist for medical practice waiting rooms
A brief overview of empathy as a patient growth strategy
5 Mins
A growth strategy with empathy at the heart of every decision means you and your staff truthfully understand every patient's unique...
Learn how 24-45 year-olds choose a new doctor
4 Mins
24-45 year-old patients across your community are finding themselves increasingly spoiled for choice when it comes...
Multiple ways brand image earns you new primary care patients
4 Mins
A brand image is the way your practice is perceived by members of the community, whether they are current or...
Build and manage your practice's website all on your own
2 Mins
As a provider, you need a website for your practice but you don't need to feel pressured into making decisions...
How to overcome stagnant revenue growth as a dental practice in 2020
8 Mins
Dentistry-tested advice and frameworks for overcoming stagnant revenue growth in 2020
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