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Primary Care Financing
Primary care providers are at the heart of every community’s health, playing the lead role in promoting health, preventing disease, and ensuring that every member of the community can pursue life to the full extent of their abilities.
To make that happen, primary care practices need reimbursement models to continue shifting, benefitting providers more effectively and placing them at the center of feedback loops that enact reimbursement changes through plausible models and systems. Through our own collaboration with providers, payers, and key stakeholders, and by contributing critical data, new technologies, and advanced implementation capabilities where necessary, Belmar Health is reshaping existing financing initiatives across the country. Our goal is to help remove barriers and push for progress on a daily, progressive basis, ensuring that we continue to address one of the biggest challenges facing primary care today.

Climate Change
Climate change is a global emergency. It can only be confronted through a coordinated, concerted effort across industries, nations, and sectors, and Belmar Health has designed a program to play our part—and to support our network of partners in making a difference as well.
At the heart of our climate change advocacy is funding for carbon removal. Carbon technology can help reduce net carbon emissions globally. To avoid the most catastrophic effects of climate change requires limiting average global temperature increases to 1.5 degrees celsius. That can only be achieved if annual global CO2 emissions are reduced from their current levels of 40 gigatons per year to net zero by 2050. Carbon removal technology is a critical piece of progress toward that goal.

That’s why Belmar Health created a climate program that donates percentages of revenue to fund leading carbon removal technologies identified by an outside panel of climate and technology experts. Our partners are able to contribute to this program at no additional costs to themselves and with a matching donation from Belmar Health, and to display a badge on their websites marking their commitment to fighting climate change.

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