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Belmar Health is an agency that helps practices, hospitals and health systems create influence in their communities. Our expertise in strategy, creative production and ad buying yields outcomes that drive actual business results. We understand a patient’s mindset when seeking health care, a mindset we captivate through highly targeted content we develop. Our people are focused on marketing, strategy and technology that proves successful today - not in the past.
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Our People

Belmar Health is led by people that respect every patient's unique needs and concerns when they choose a doctor. We're led by people that understand the significance of echoing consumer experiences into healthcare to achieve business growth, we're Belmar Health.
Joseph Lucero
John Lopez
Chief Media Officer
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Practice Coordinator
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Head of Clinic Performance
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Head of Content Delivery
Madison Rodriguez
Clinical Brand Strategist
Madeleine Barbera
Content Writer
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Our Positivity

As an agency that influences where entire communities schedule their doctor appointments, it’s only right that we help embed good morals into the practices and hospitals they visit that are also our partners.
01 LeanIn
We partner with LeanIn to make hiring more women at our clinics, hospitals and Belmar Health itself a standard. Through great maternity benefits, mentorship, equal pay and many other developing policies we intend to support women we work with at achieving anything they set forth on.
02 My Care
My Care is an initiative by Belmar Health that will encourage our clinics and hospitals to continuously advance their LGBTQ policies in a forward direction. The goal of our initiative is to create a safe atmosphere throughout the scheduling, visit and follow up for every patient we help find a doctor near them.
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