Provider Services
Belmar Health Provider Services enable the growth of eligible new patients and the retention of established patients for specific ancillary services, procedures, and visit types.
Patient Acquisition Strategy
The Patient Acquisition Strategy service is designed to help providers understand and improve their approach to the growth of revenue for specific ancillary services, procedures, and visit types through eligible new patients or ensure that established patients who remain within the medically necessary criteria consistently choose your organization for continued care. The strategy can be used in multiple systems and by any staff member, making it an invaluable tool for improving the performance of patient acquisition and retention.
Patient Acquisition Implementation
The Patient Acquisition Implementation service is designed to turn the strategies and plans developed in our Strategy service into action. Through this service, we do the literal work of identifying potential patients who meet pre-defined criteria and actively engage with them through digital means to ensure that a high percentage of the cohort is aware of your organization as an option for care. We also work closely with your physicians to ensure that the process of acquiring new patients aligns with their clinical needs and priorities throughout the whole process.
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