Patient Acquisition for Primary & Specialty Care
Clinical utilization and adoption service for providers to acquire eligible new patients + ensure safe retention of established patients
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Some of the health plans where Belmar identifies eligible members
Notable Provider Engagements
LifeStance Health
Behavioral Health
As LifeStance pursues a national growth strategy, behavioral health integration with primary care is crucial to that growth and overall clinical effectiveness. At the time of engagement, LifeStance's approach to integration with local primary care partners heavily relied on a stagnated referral process. Belmar Health developed a unique strategy that used the diversity of clinicians and service offerings at LifeStance to give patients in the shared population the option to schedule a far in advance of a referral, directly, and on their own. LifeStance is experiencing 25% Y/Y growth and Q3 2022 revenue of $218M, of which Belmar Health played a fractional role.
Provider Service: Patient Acquisition Strategy
Surgeon in Denver, CO
Belmar Health engaged a practice that offered complex peripheral nerve surgery through one of their providers, the procedure and ancillary care for eligible patients of this injury are a large investment for the practice. While their other services garnered patients through an on-campus hospital relationship and traditional PCP referrals, this procedure underperformed. Belmar Health worked closely with the surgeon to document the qualities of recent peripheral nerve surgery patients to develop a strategy that would enable direct lead generation in surrounding communities or quickly identify eligible patients through their existing registration system. This change resulted in 2-5 clinical criteria confirmed, insurance verified, and authorization approved patients each week. An increase from 2-5 eligible patients confirmed every three weeks before our engagement.
Provider Service: Patient Acquisition Strategy, Patient Acquisition Implementation
Multi-State Provider
Primary Care
As appointment request, scheduling, and registration systems become more connected primary care providers need to understand which facets of the whole system impact patient leads and the percentage of which that become established. Belmar Health analyzed a primary care provider's digital engagement system and identified gaps creating a heavy churn rate for new patients. The goal was to understand their system and identify areas of improvement for patient acquisition that could be scaled or implemented in the near future. From our findings, we redesigned multiple areas of the system and performed a small study for validation where 9/10 patients consistently followed through with appointment requests, appointment creation, and insurance verification. We also found that this improved the utilization of actual patient engagement options from established patients for the provider's services that were most significant to their RCM goals.
Provider Service: Patient Acquisition Strategy
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